New Year, New Studio

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 4.25.18 PM

Have you heard? The Dance & Company family is growing!

What does that mean for you? More class times and more dance parties. That’s right!

There have been so many exciting changes happening at the studio, or shall we say studios?!

Ringing in the New Year with a new location just seemed fitting after founders Lisa and Katie have been successfully running the show for over 8 years strong now.

The mother-daughter duo, as I like to refer to them, continues to inspire and delight all who enter their doors.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 4.27.35 PMSince the beginning, Lisa, has been following her passion for teaching ballet and Pilates to her students even after long days at the office. We are happy to report that she recently retired from her full-time corporate job to work full time in the studio and further her desire to empower others through dance and fitness.

We asked Lisa, why did you decide to open up a new studio? And how does it feel to be growing your family business?

“Opening a second location was never our intent, but we found the location in RB purely by chance and both decided that it was a great fit for us… For the past 9 years we have built our reputation and sense of community in the Sorrento Valley area, we are thrilled to expand this now to our families in Rancho Bernardo.”

If you ask me, it’s pretty awesome how everything just falls into place.  

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 4.27.50 PM

Last year, Katie gave birth to a handsome and adorable little Jack. Although baby bear has been keeping mama bear busy, there’s no doubt she’s getting things done! Katie graciously continues to teach young girls and boys, not only the fundamentals of dance, but the importance of discipline, courage and resilience our kids need to thrive.

Dance & Company has touched so many families and they want to continue to reach more. There are so many benefits to having more than one location as they now better able to serve more. 

When asked what about the biggest benefit dancers and their families will receive, Lisa mentioned, “The beauty of having a second location is that, as a Dance & Company member, our clients are able to take classes at either location. We’ve found that some of our Sorrento Valley clients are transferring to Rancho Bernardo as the drive is easier for them, and we’re also getting past clients who have moved further north back. as now the RB location is a close drive for them.”

As they say, “the more the merrier!” And you’re always in good company with Dance & Company.

If there’s anything these two moms have taught us, it’s that anything and everything is possible!

Come check out our new location at 12120 Alta Carmel Ct, Suite D, 92128.

You can always find out what’s going on at either studio by visiting the website at or by following our Facebook page.

See the full schedule of classes for Rancho Bernardo here, and Sorrento Valley here.

See you soon!

Author Bio: Angela Quisumbing is a dance mom to a beautiful little girl! She is the founder and editor of The Pinky Project, a local community family and lifestyle blog where she writes and shares her adventures in parenting. Angela also runs the popular local community Mira Mesa Mom. Her daughter takes Hip Hop and Musical Theater, and is finally starting to take Mat Pilates with Miss Lisa!

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